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Script Sales For - 10/29/1999

Hollywood script deals
WB-based Jerry Weintraub Prods. has snatched up the romantic comedy
spec ``Love Truck'' from a pair of young Hollywood assistants for an
estimated $250,000. The payday for Jon Lucas and Scott Moore will double if
the film is made.
The plot kicks off as a wealthy industrialist is about to retire and
his top junior executive announces that he wants to take over. The
departing CEO agrees, on one condition: the young exec has to find
a suitable mate for his can't-get-a-date daughter.
Scribe Ross LaManna, has been enlisted to pen the screen adaptation of
``Hogan's Heroes'' for Destination Films. LaManna will be paid a six-figure
sum for his services.
LaManna's credits: CBS miniseries ``Titanic,'' starring Catherine Zeta-Jones
and George C. Scott and the HBO film ``Arctic Blue,'' and ``Rush Hour.''

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