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Script News

PURE EVIL - Andrew Kevin Walker (SE7EN, Sleepy Hollow) is working on a new draft of the script based on the life of daredevil Evel Knievel - McG will direct the picture, which he says will be a dramatic film, telling Variety, "The picture is about a man and that which made him great will also be his undoing. I want to tell darker stories." - Both Walker and McG plan to visit and interview Knievel, who is currently in hospital.

MEN DON'T QUIT - William Tepper has sold the script to New Line Cinema - The studio wants to cast TV-stars and old pals Ray Romano and Kevin James in the starring roles, and James has already committed, while Romano, who has been involved in the development of the script, is waiting until a director is selected before he signs - The story is about "friends who team as door-to-door salesman of bulk quantities of frozen meat. The boys are in a slump, and if they don't move some beef on this particular day, they're dead meat."

THE BAXTER - Michael Showalter wrote and will direct and star in this romantic comedy along with Elizabeth Banks, Michelle Williams and Justin Theroux - IFC Entertainment will release the film, with Plum Pictures producing - LOGLINE: (From Variety) "A quirky homage to the 1950s comedies of Howard Hawks, the film chronicles the anxiety-ridden two weeks leading to the marriage of Elliot Sherman (Showalter), who is the quintessential "Baxter" -- the nice guy who never gets the girl."

ZATHURA - The sequel to Jumanji, which has gone through various drafts in the script stage over the past three years, is now going ahead at Columbia Pictures with a screenplay by David Koepp (Spider-Man, Secret Window) - Jon Favreau is now in negotiations to direct - The story is based on a book by Chris Van Allsburg, once again about a board game that becomes real, but this time the game is intergalactic-themed.

HERBIE: FULLY LOADED - A new Love Bug script by Tom Lennon and Robert Ben Garant - Disney has hired Angela Robinson to direct - The studio is looking to Lindsay Lohan to possibly star - The story sets Herbie in the NASCAR circuit.

FAR CRY - Michael Roesch (Alone in the Dark) and Peter Scheerer are working to adapt the as-yet-unreleased German videogame by Crytek - Boll KG (Ewe Boll), already with House of the Dead out and Alone in the Dark coming in the fall, acquired the film rights and plans to make an action/horror movie for about $25 million - From Hollywood Reporter: "The game puts players in the shoes of Jack Carver, a retired Ocean Patrol officer who transports tourists and small cargo to remote islands on his boat. After bringing a female reporter to an uncharted island in Micronesia, all hell breaks loose: His boat is blown up, he is left for dead, and the reporter is kidnapped. Carver must embark on a rescue mission into an island inhabited by mercenaries protecting a secret genetic research lab." - Roesh told Reporter, "We have some ideas for this script, which allows us to set this project apart from other video game adaptations."

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