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From Today's Hollywood Headlines:

Here's what's happening today folks:

It looks like Writer/director Chris Noonan (BABE) will direct the romantic comedy/fantasy project THE DISASSOCIATE. Noonan has been off the radar since his 1995 hit. The story centers on an ordinary man who has the opportunity to become extraordinary. Zach Helm wrote the script and is currently rewriting that draft. Reports say a late spring start is likely.


Miramax Films has writer Gonzalo Lira's unpublished novel "Acrobat" with Anthony Minghella's Mirage Enterprises in negotiations to produce. The novel, described as a thriller, centers on a group of five Gen-X's who run their own elite CIA team. No word on who will adapt the novel, which will be published in May by St. Martin's Press.


The Sci Fi Channel has greenlighted production for a six-hour sequel to its miniseries DUNE which scored the cable network's highest average rating to date. The project, CHILDREN OF THE DUNE, is the first television or film adaptation of the late author Frank Herbert's sequel to his novel "Dune." The adaptation is by screenwriter John Harrison.

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)

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