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Darabont's Current Film With Jim Carrey...

Frank Darabont seems to enjoy working with Jim Carrey on his current project, THE MAJESTIC, which is filmming.

According to Variety, Darabont had this to say, "Jim Carrey is the most committed actor I have ever seen -- and he's trying out totally new territory." Concerning the film's storyline, "He (Carrey's character) suffers amnesia after an auto accident, ends up in the small town where people think he's a returned WWII vet. Sure the picture has a message, but the caboose is not the engine. The first job of a movie is to entertain and touch people's emotions. This picture will help remind people what ideals our country was founded on and what we fought for. Those who came back form WWII where they fought fascism were now the victims of a witch hunt betraying those ideas and ideals. We betrayed them in a lot of blood. The movie is wonderfully Capra-esque. I've always seen Jimmy Stewart in Jim Carrey. He's such a fan of his and loves his movies. We really vibe'd."

-- Chris

(Source: Variety)

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