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Script Report: Tarantino's KILL BILL

As we've been reporting for over a month now, The Hollywood Reporter is confirming that Quentin Tarantino is writing and will direct his next film with Uma Thurman as the star. All that is still known about the story is that it's about revenge. The working titled is KILL BILL. It is rumored that Uma will play a scorned women who wants revenge for something. The script is still being written and reportedly Miramax executives have yet to receive the script. Tarantino's A Band Apart (along with long time partner Lawrence Bender) will produce the project.

If you recall Tarantino and Thurman worked together in 1994 on PULP FICTION. Tarantino and Roger Avary won an Oscar for original screenplay, while Thurman was nominated for best supporting actress. The film also picked up Oscar nominations for picture, supporting actor and film editing.

-- Chris

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    (Source: Hollywood Reporter)

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