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Script Rumor: MINORITY REPORT -- I'll go with William Goldman

Every time there is any mention of a "big" project being rewritten there will inevitably be one of four names mentioned, if not all four: Frank Darabont, Scott Frank, Christopher McQuarrie, and William Goldman. Old Bill might be a stretch, but some still claim he had a hand in the GOOD WILL HUNTING script, which he did not. Goldman seems to be more of a rumor-mill darling than anyone else.

Now I'm hearing rumors that Frank Darabont is tweaking the MINORITY REPORT script for Spielberg. Though it makes sense, both admire the other's work, I still don't trust it. I've heard that Scott Frank is still finishing his draft of MR, which would be the one Frank Darabont would supposedly be tweaking.

Frankly (no pun intended), it wouldn't surprise me in the least if neither is now working on the script, so I'll go with William Goldman.

-- Chris ;)

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