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Script Sale: Warner Bros. Says UNCLE

In a pre-emptive bid, Warner Bros. Pictures has picked up the family comedy spec script "Say Uncle," written by Scott Bindley and to be directed by his brother, William. Karz Entertainment will produce. As part of the deal, Warner Bros. has an option on William Bindley as a director for two more feature films." The Bindley Brothers previously wrote the kids action comedy "The Greatest Escape," which was set up at MGM.

"Uncle," which the Bindley brothers developed together, is about a Maxim magazine-bred bachelor who, while visiting his brother and sister-in-law, unexpectedly finds himself having to take care of their young children for several nights when the brother's wife goes into labor and the duo desert him for the hospital.

"I live in Indiana and around here, people get married young and start families early," Scott Bindley told The Hollywood Reporter. "I was the last bachelor in my peer group, so I had a lot of opportunity to observe other growing families, especially my brother's. I've written about bachelorhood for various magazines and it sort of took on a life of its own in writing this script. Ironically, during the process I got married and had twins who turn 1 on Saturday."

Source: Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

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