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BATMAN: THE FRIGHTENING: The number of rumoured storylines for a fifth "Batman" feature are enough to make even Scott Rudin go mute with fear, yet that doesn't stop them from popping up like in-grown hairs all over the place. AICN has run the latest, a report which indicates scribes Rafael Yglesias (FEARLESS) and Terry Hayes (MAD MAX 2: THE ROAD WARRIOR) have teamed up to pen a first draft entitled BATMAN: THE FRIGHTENING which was completed and submitted into Warners just before Xmas. The scooper goes onto review the script which sets up 'The Scarecrow' as the villain and Batman once again on his own (no Robin or Batgirl mentions whatsoever) though both Alfred and Commissioner Gordon's roles have been expanded. The film takes on a darker tone than any of the previous four films and pits the Caped Crusader as more of a detective than a superhero - sounds very much like the tone of the animated series. Indeed, some subplots and scenes from the various episodes of the show seem to have been used here including the film's story setup which starts off with Batman breaking out of Arkham Asylum before flashbacking to show events which lead to him going insane and being locked away. Scarecrow's trademark fear gas makes numerous appearances, whilst a large sequence takes place on the villain's blimp. Thanks to 'FanHalen' & 'JHB'.

(Source: Darh Horizons)

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