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According to a report on Scifi Wire, INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 is happening. "Since September 11th, [director Emmerich] and I did a lot of reflecting on the movie," Devlin said in an interview while promoting his latest film, Eight Legged Freaks. "It started because people were asking us about images that were fantasy images that then looked so frightening real in the [wake of] horrible events that took place."Devlin pointed out that ID4 also has an inspirational theme and depicts the world's uniting against a common threat. "After the great attack, everyone comes together who had been at odds, and we kind of watched our world do that," he said. "The one good side, I think, of something horrible is how people come together and band together. And through those discussions we started talking about the other parts of Independence Day that we actually liked the most, and that led us to a new story."

(Source: Scifi Wire)

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