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Script Report: INDIANA JONES 4

The latest INDIANA JONES, Director Steven Spielberg talked to Cindy Pearlman about the sequel, first confirming he hadn't really interested in doing this one at first. "There was a little nagging," he says, laughing about the much-awaited sequel starring Harrison Ford. "George Lucas nagged me a little bit on it. But the deal is that George, Harrison Ford, Kathleen Kennedy and I built a family in the '80s. It was a wonderful family. A nine-year family. We made three films in nine years. Now, I would like to go back and have some fun. I'm kind of saving the candy for the last one," Spielberg says. Hello, the last one? "Oh, I don't know," Spielberg adds. "Of course, I said the third Indy would be the last one. And obviously it's not. So I can't even comment whether the fourth will be the last one or not." As for plot secrets, Spielberg says, "I'm not looking to redesign the wheel. I just want to continue the saga." Spielberg also confirmed his wife, Kate Capshaw, will be making a re-appearance as Willie Scott.


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