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Spielberg & Cruise Praise MINORITY REPORT Screenwriter Scott Frank

Reviews for Scott Frank's MINORITY REPORT directed by Steven Spielberg are coming in. From Time Magazine to Variety and Roger Ebert, all are praising the direction and the writing. It appears a sci-fi classic might be in the making. Ebert interviewed Spielberg and Cruise who both graciously praised Frank's screenplay:

"Spielberg: I went to Scott Frank for the screenplay. He wrote "Get Shorty" and "Out of Sight." I gave him the original short story by Philip K. Dick and he said he didn't know anything about science fiction. I said, "Let me worry about the sci-fi element. Just write a terrific detective yarn. This taps into your strength. This is a murder mystery, a film noir, a whodunit."

Cruise: The idea of being able to predict a murder and stop it before it occurs--that's stunning. And the idea of devising a perfect crime to get around the Pre-Cogs. That's great for the short story, but for a feature film it needed personal elements. You have to care about the people. That's what Scott Frank gave us."

Let's also not forget Jon Cohen's work on the screenplay as well.

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