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Script Report: FAHRENHEIT 451

An SU favorite, Writer/director Frank Darabont, recently told SCI FI Wire that he will direct Ray Bradbury's novel FAHRENHEIT 451 as his next project for Castle Rock. Mel Gibson will still be involved, but only as a producer, not a star, Darabont said in an interview. "Icon [Gibson's company] and Castle Rock are kind of getting together on this, and Mel's been really sweet about letting me come and overtake the project," Darabont said. "He's just been really supportive. So, Mel, if you're out there, bless your heart. He's a sweet man."

Storyline: "Set in the future, when a young girl, an avid reader, disappears, her book burning fireman neighbor is moved and starts hiding books in his home. When his tv watching wife turns him in, he is forced to burn his secret stash of books but flees to avoid arrest and joins an outlaw band of scholars who keep the contents of books in their heads, waiting for the time society will once again need the wisdom of literature."

Also, according to, screenwriters who have worked on the script include: Tony Puryear
Frank Darabont, and Terry Hayes.

-- Chris

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