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Scott Frank's A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES draft, we hear, is pretty good. The main concern I have is the source material. Is there really enough there to warrant making this movie? Scott Frank is an excellent writer, and if anyone can do it he will. According to reports, Harrison Ford has given Scott Frank some "notes" after reading his most recent draft of the script. Even though there is no director, Ford's notes have reportedly given hope to Universal Pictures and producer Jersey Films that he will come aboard and play the film's protagonist, Matthew Scudder -- an alcoholic ex-cop private eye who decides to help a drug dealer find the men responsible for torturing and killing his wife (she turns up dead, neatly sliced into pieces and deposited into small bags in the back of a car.)

I caution Jersey films not to get too excited over Ford's request for rewriting. If you recall, Ford did the same thing to Steven Gaghan on TRAFFIC, and Ford ultimately passed. Though from what we here, the changes made on his behalf hooked Michael Douglas for the role.

-- Chris

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