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GOSFORD, MIND win WGA awards

Julian Fellowes won the WGA award for original screenplay with his upstairs, downstairs social comedy GOSFORD PARK. Akiva Goldsman, on his way to winning an Oscar, picked up the award for adapted screenplay.

Not surprisingly, the TV awards went to an episode of THE SOPRANOS (Pine Barrens, written by Tim Van Patten) and EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND (Italy, Parts 1 & 2, written by Phil Rosenthal).

-- D.M.

Other WGA winners announced Saturday:


Original long form: "Conspiracy," Loring Mandel.

Adapted long form: "Anne Frank," teleplay by Kirk Ellis, based on the book by Melissa Muller.

Episodic drama: "Pine Barrens" ("The Sopranos (news - Y! TV)"), teleplay by Terence Winter, story by Tim Van Patten and Terence Winter.

Episodic comedy: "Italy", parts 1 and 2 ("Everybody Loves Raymond (news - Y! TV)"), Philip Rosenthal.

Comedy-variety, music, awards, tributes, specials: "The Kennedy Center Honors," written by Don Baer and George Stevens Jr., film sequences written by Sara Lukinson, Harry Miles Muheim.

Comedy-variety (including talk) series: "Late Night with Conan O'Brien (news - Y! TV)," Mike Sweeney, Chris Albers, Ellen Barancik, Andy Blitz, Kevin Dorff, Jonathan Glaser, Michael Gordon, Brian Kiley, Michael Koman, Brian McCann, Guy Nicolucci, Conan O'Brien, Andrew Secunda, Robert Smigel, Brian Stack, Andrew Weinberg.

Daytime serials: "All My Children," Agnes Nixon, Jean Passanante, Craig Carlson, Frederick Johnson, N. Gail Lawrence, Victor Miller, Juliet Law Packer, Addie Walsh, Mimi Leahey, Bettina F. Bradbury, Charlotte Gibson, David Hiltbrand, Janet Iacobuzio, Royal Miller, John Piroman, Rebecca Taylor, Neal Bell.

Children's script: "My Louisiana Sky," teleplay by Anna Sandor, based on a book by Kimberly Willis Holt.

Documentary, current events: "Drug Wars," part 2 ("Frontline"), Lowell Bergman, Kenneth Levis, Doug Hamilton and Oriana Zill.

Documentary, other than current events: (Tie) "Hitler's Lost Sub," ("Nova"), Rushmore DeNooyer; "Scottsboro, An American Tragedy," ("The American Experience"), Barak Goodman.

News, regularly scheduled: "Wedding Disaster," Jonathan Kaplan; CBS-TV (WBBM).

News, analysis, feature or commentary: "The Cruelty Connection," Jonathan Kaplan; CBS-TV (WBBM).


Documentary: "Eye on Death Row," ("Weekend Roundup"), Wendy Zentz; CBS Radio Network.

News, regularly scheduled: "The Recount," Paul Farry; CBS Radio Network

News, analysis, feature or commentary: "Preserving American Sound," ("Perspective"), Scott L. Anderson; ABC News Radio.

Writers Guild Awards:

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