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New life swirls CHOCOLATE at Warner Bros.

Gwyn Lurie will take a crack at the CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY adaptation. The Dahl estate, apparently, liked her treatment of his book BFG (big friendly giant, for anyone who cares) and championed her.

(Shes going to be known as the woman who takes over Dahl projects; both CHARLIE and BFG were worked on by other writers.)

Scott Frank was originally going to write the script, but it didnt work out. Though Variety says Scotts script didnt spark -- the truth is that Scott is the one who left the project. He turned in two drafts, which he felt didnt work, and left the headaches the book engendered to someone else.

Lurie, like Scott before her, will work from the book and ignore the 1971 film.

Lurie last adapted the funky-good book THE MAN WHO ATE THE 747 for Bel-Air Entertainment.

-- D.M.

(Source: Variety)

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