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And they are...

Ridley Scott (BLACK HAWK DOWN)
Baz Luhrmann (MOULIN ROUGE)
Peter Jackson (LORD OF THE RINGS)
Chris Nolan (MEMENTO).

To put it simply: Robert Altman and David Lynch...they was robbed! For all the DGA got right -- like awarding Chris Nolan for his directing (it wasnt just about his script -- they get terribly wrong. Crazy-man Luhrmann over serene-in-comparison Altman or hypnotic, dreamscape-creating Lynch? If youre talking pure skill, I think Lynch should waltz away with his award. And I would think the DGA could see through the frenetic sloppiness of a movie directed in a nightmare style of Scorsese on crack and shrooms remaking THE RED SHOES.

My guess on who wins this? Probably Howard. Maybe Scott.

The real question is: has the buzz over MULHOLLAND DR. died down so low that an Oscar nomination is out of the question?

-- Darwin Mayflower (

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