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Batman Year One News (Spoilers Inside)

Hi folks, Chris here. I have not be able to confirm this, so accept it as "rumor" only right now.

Dear Screenwriters Utopia, I have some big news regarding the upcoming "Batman: Year One". I just got back from a prelimenary work meeting with Darren Aronofsky, Frank Miller, and some designers. Anyway, we have been confirmed that "Batman: Year One" has been accepted by Warner Brothers and work is to be started right away for an early 2003 release, even though Aronofsky hopes to get the final cut done by Winter 2002. We have been asked to come up with some designs for the film, including (SPOILERS AHEAD) *A very gothic Gotham City. *Several designs for Batman. *Designs for Catwoman. *A few designs of the Joker. *Designs for the Batmobile. We've been told to research through "Batman Year One" and to expect the first look at the script within a week. For me, this is very exciting news and I hope it will be good enough for you.

-- private eyeman

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