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PEARL HARBOR- What a farce and a disgrace. The opportunity these people (filmmakers) were given, and they wasted it. From screenwriter Randall Wallace to Michael Bay and produce Jerry Bruckheimer, they have created one of the most truly disappointing films Hollywood has ever spewed. The 40 minute battle sequence was the only shinning star and it was still incomplete. We never got a sense or feel for what it was like to be there, in the middle of hell. It takes more than just explosions and heroism to do that. We didn't get the opportunity to connect with characters like Dorie Miller, and his shipmates. Instead we got "fly boys," and instead we got a sappy, contrived, and lame love story crammed down our throats for three-hours. And even though the filmmakers tried to give us glimpses of the horror: the battle, the aftermath and the casualties of war, they ultimately failed... badly. I had hopes that this film would succeed, that the scripts we had reviewed for the movie would somehow be fixed and tightened up. But it didn't happen. "Forget this movie," it's a hard thing to say, especially since it's such a worthy topic for a film. But these filmmakers blew it and did so in a big way.

Upcoming Film Releases: Weeks of May 28 & June 4

June 1, 20001

THE ANIMAL- Screenplay by Tom Brady and Rob Schneider (also stars). Looks like another lame comedy motion picture , and probably already has.

WHAT'S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN?- The screenplay is by Matthew Chapman and Barry Fanaro, directed by Sam Weisman. Martin Lawrence, Danny DeVito, and John Leguizamo star in this hopeful looking summer comedy.

June 8, 20001

EVOLUTION- We reviewed the script by Don Jakoby a little while ago (click here). The film is directed by Ivan Reitman and stars David Duchovny, Orlando Jones, Sean William Scott, and Julianne Moore.

SWORDFISH- Screenwriter Skip Woods has been called "the next Shane Black (LETHAL WEAPON)," which is quite the compliment. Those are big shoes to fill. We could use some writing like Black's, in his hay-day, to hit the big screen. We've read the script, didn't get a chance to review it in time, and all we can say is... we'll let the audience decide.

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