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David Hayter Talks PITCH BLACK 2

X-MEN scribe David Hayter started his career in television on shows such as Major Dad. Hayter eventually produced and starred in an art house film called Burn, Bryan Singer was the executive producer. It was then that he developed a relationship with the director. Later Hayter was one of several writers for Singer's X-MEN.

Recently in a chat room interview over at Yahoo! David Hayter was a gracious guest, especially considering some of the questions. Here are some highlights worth mentioning, among them, information about his work on PITCH BLACK 2.

On X-MEN's success as a comic book to film conversion, the writer had this to say, "Because it was very important to both Bryan and myself and the producers that we take it very very seriously. The comic books take their own work seriously and that's what sells them. I think that a lot of time, studios try to camp up something just because it's a comic book. And I personally don't believe that's the right approach for this kind of material.

On whether or not his draft for PITCH BLACK 2 was completed, "No. Both The Hulk and Pitch Black are for Universal, and they had asked me to write The Hulk first. However, we do have a solid outline that I'm very excited about."

When asked about the development of Riddick's character, and would we get to learn anything more about his past, the writer replied, "I certainly hope so."

Unfortunately he would not comment on the story or what other characters are going to be back.

-- Chris

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