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The list of screenwriters who have worked on MINORITY REPORT still grows. I've read a couple drafts, and I still like one of the earliest versions by Jon Cohen. It would be cool to see what Scott Frank and Frank Darabont came up with. Rumor has it that John August is now hacking away at the script.

According to the project has entered pre-production.

Here are the screenwriters so far:

Ronald Shushett and Gary Goldman (ALIEN, TOTAL RECALL)
Scott Frank (GET SHORTY)
Frank Darabont (THE GREEN MILE)
Jeff Vintar
Jon Cohen

Story line: In the future, a pre-crime judicial system arrests criminals before they commit their crimes. One cop becomes a fugitive when he's the center of a precrime. Based on the short story by Philip K. Dick.

Also, word has it that Matt Damon may not be attached to star as earlier reports would indicate. According to Variety columnist Michael Fleming, scheduling problems have forced Damon out of the Steven Spielberg project opening the door for Colin Farrell.

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