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Hey, Screenwritersutopia fans, it's your buddy Darwin Mayflower here.

Reviewing scripts is an inexact science, and I guess I'm here to say you should disregard my LOOKOUT review. The author, Scott Frank, contacted me. I learned that the script I reviewed is an outdated draft and everything I hoped for -- the deletion of the robbery and the relationship between the men pushed to the fore -- has been dealt with and then some. Scott's new version (it's still a work in progress) sounds incredible. Just his simple description of the plot had me looking forward to seeing it as a film (Sam Mendes might no longer be attached, by the way).

Scott also told me about his draft for MINORITY REPORT. He used little of Jon Cohen's script or the short story it's based on. Instead, starting from scratch, he laid out the plot for what could easily be the best sci-fi film ever made.

But Steven Spielberg didn't want to commit (though Tom Cruise did) and Scott has since moved on. John August (GO, CHARLIE'S ANGELS) is now working on the script.

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