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EMMYS 2000: Writers Take Center Stage

Compiled by Scott Roeben of the WGAw

Congratulations to the winners of this year's Emmys in the
writing categories:

Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series: Pilot (Malcolm in
the Middle), Written by Linwood Boomer

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series: In Excelsis Deo (The
West Wing), Written by Aaron Sorkin and Rick Cleveland

Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program:
Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill, Written by Eddie Izzard

Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries or a Movie: The Corner,
Written by David Simon & David Mills

Writers received a great deal of acknowledgement from their
colleagues at the Emmy ceremony this year. These are a few
choice quotes from the acceptance speeches of award
recipients at this year's ceremony:

Megan Mullally, Will & Grace [Winner, Supporting Actress,
Comedy "'s an incredible group, particularly the
writers who work their you-know-whats off every day and
they're amazing. They're infallible. They're indefatigable."

Allison Janney, The West Wing [Winner, Supporting Actress,
Drama "The main reason I'm standing here is Aaron Sorkin.
Aaron, I am so proud and honored to be a part of your West
Wing and to get to say your words every day."

Todd Holland, Malcom & Eddie [Winner, Directing, Comedy]:
"There are so many amazing people to thank. First of all,
Linwood Boomer for his amazing words that are funny and
emotional and wildly human. I asked him when I first read
the pilot script, I said 'This is very funny and it's
emotional, is that an accident?' He said 'no.' I said

Sean Hayes, Will & Grace [Winner, Supporting Actor, Comedy]:
"...we really do have the world's best writers and thank God
for you for putting such funny things in our mouths."

Richard Schiff, The West Wing [Winner, Supporting Actor,
Drama]: "I really thought that I missed my era and I should
have been around in the time of O'Neill, you know, Eugene
O'Neill and Clifford Odets and Arthur Miller. And who
would've thought that every eight days I'd get to do a new
play written by a writer who combines the greatest
attributes of all those writers and is the greatest writer
of this era, Aaron Sorkin."

Thomas Schlamme, The West Wing [Winner, Directing, Drama]:
"I'd go on about Aaron (Sorkin) but you're going to start
resenting him if I sing his praises too much more, but that
is why we're here."

Meryl Marshall Daniels [President and CEO, Academy of
Television Arts and Sciences]: "For most of us in this room
television is much more than employment. It's an
extraordinary storytelling medium. And our passions and our
values are reflected in the programs we create. Tonight we
honor the very best stories of the past year."

We congratulate all the Emmy nominees and
winners--"America's Storytellers."

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