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Script Report: BLADE 2

In an EW Online interview BLADE 2 scribe David Goyer, along with Wesley Snipes, went 'Ape' over the new script and addressed a couple of issues. "All I can say about 'Blade 2' is that it is bananas. Bananas!" says Snipes. "The first movie was child's play, because this time we're trying things that have never been done before."

Goyer jumped in commenting that he knows how hard it is to write sequels, you'll recall his work on THE CROW: CITY OF ANGELS was lackluster at best.

Despite the fact that online reviews (like ours of BLADE 2) were not kind, Goyer comments that he had already set up the sequel within the first story. "I've always had two other stories I wanted to tell," claims Goyer, "We're building on the first one."

Goyer also responded to online reviews, and the rumors of script problems, "We had to make some changes because of the budget. The effects budget for this one is almost double that of the first, so we're trying to bring it down a little."

Finally, it is also confirmed that Whistler will indeed be back.

Reportedly filming will start in February.

-- Chris

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(Source: EW Online)

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