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Script Rumor: a TALENTED MR. RIPLEY Sequel?

If you recall Patricia Highsmith's RIPLEY novel, as in last years hit THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY, which starred Matt Damon. Well it seemed clear that there would be no sequel as Miramax's position was that it would not do one. There are two other novels however, and it is being reported by Entertainment Weekly that Fine Line Pictures is slated to begin production in Italy & Germany this Fall on a movie adaptation of the third RIPLEY novel. Pierce Brosnan is rumored to be interested in playing an older Ripley.

Frank Deasy (PROZAC NATION, CAPTIVES) will be adapting the script, while Liliana Cavani will most likely direct. The story has Ripley setting up a friend for murder, then mistakenly gets involved with the Mafia.

-- Chris

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