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Script Rumor: STAR TREK 10

For months there have been rumors surfacing about who will pen the next STAR TREK flick. In June it was reported that Akiva Goldsman (LOST IN SPACE) was finishing up a draft for the film, we didn't report that because we knew it was bogus. Why? Well in May Akiva sign on to produce JACK'S NIGHT, an action/comedy by John O'Brien, and had also been working on THE SUM OF ALL FEARS script. Akiva already has a ton of projects on the table. So we awaited confirmation, which never came.

Today we received an email suggesting that John Logan (ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, GLADIATOR) will write STAR TREK 10. The email directed us to Coming Attractions, where it was originally reported. This is a real possibility. Logan received much praise for his work on GLADIATOR, his re-writes included flushing out the character of Commodus. (See Creative Screenwriting's interview with the Logan in the current issue). This makes perfect sense, though Logan is obviously talented, but noone seems to be knocking down his door to hire him. The latest project we found his name attached to was the BERLIN DIARIES, a WW II action/romance, which was rumored last month. I think Logan is an excellent choice, lets hope his name sticks.

-- Chris

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