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Script Report: A Web of SPIDER-MAN Scribes, GONE IN 60 SECONDS Writer Rosenberg

Variety is reporting that Scott Rosenberg (GONE IN 60 SECONDS) has been brought on by Columbia Pictures to work on the SPIDER-MAN script.

David Koepp (THE LOST WORLD, STIR OF ECHOES) has been working on the script for some time. No word yet on why Koepp was removed, or even if he was. He may still be over-seeing story development. James Cameron was the catalyst for getting SPIDER-MAN into production. He wrote a treatment, and started a screenplay back when he was doing T2 (TERMINATOR 2). Rumors have it he even completed a rough draft. After the succes of TITANIC Cameron left the project, Sam Raimi then came on board as director.

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