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Screenwriter Steven Zaillian and Director Ridley Scott, confirm ending change fo

Hi folks, webmaster Chris here from SU. Well, when Ted Tally (screenwriter) refused to come on board and adapt HANNIBAL (the sequel to THE SILENCE ON THE LAMBS) and director Jonathan Demme (SILENCE OF THE LAMBS) wanted no part of it, and recently when Jodie Foster backed out... I thought no way is this movie going to be any good. I knew it would get made, producer Dino De Laurentiis didn't fork out 6 million for it to sit in development hell. So here we are, a press conference this morning in Florence to kick of the production of HANNIBAL. Shooting starts on the 8th for 5 weeks in Florence. I'm going to tell you first, I think the movie is going to be a huge success. (Okay, so maybe I'm not going out on a limb here, but remember SPEED II? And the list of sequel farts could go on) De Laurentiis has replaced the irreplaceable, and has done it very well. I've heard rumors that Steven Zaillian's script is pretty good (read script review), and with Ridley Scott directing, you know it will be a quality picture. I think Julianne Moore will do a great job replacing Jodie Foster. For more on today's news conference check out EMPIRE ONLINE (link below).

Director Ridley Scott confirmed today at the Florence press conference that the ending of the story has been changed for the screen, reportedly with the Author's (Thomas Harris) blessings. The grisly ending has been changed, and I'm glad, the movie will be better off for it. For more: read full article on EMPIRE ONLINE

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