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Charles Newcomb Gets Goosed

Charles Newcomb Gets Goosed
Interview by Jenna Glatzer

Charles is a former journalist from Colorado who interviewed such notable people as Bob Hope, Ross Perot, and Hank Aaron for newspapers and magazines. In 1998, he began screenwriting, and it didn't take long for him to see his dream materialize. He quickly had a script optioned, and then got an assignment rewriting a feature script in development with CinePartners Entertainment. That led to an assignment to rewrite 13 episodes of a television series for Satellite GMBH, a German production company.

Soon thereafter, he wrote GET GOOSED!, the script that would become his first feature film.

Charles and his entertainment attorney, Joel Hulett, formed a company to produce the family-friendly script about an elderly Native American man who has nearly given up on life and a relationship with his son until he is befriended by a Canada goose.

The film began shooting in the summer of 2000, but was halted when the lead actor, John Pahe, suffered a major stroke. Filming re-started in July of 2001, although the goose who "co-starred" didn't get to finish the film. A malfeasant teenager shot and killed her during the last week of filming. The film will be dedicated to her, Newcomb says. Now in post-production, it is scheduled for release sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

JG: What sparked your interest in screenwriting?

CN: I never intended to be a writer, period. It just happened. I became a journalist quite by accident. I guess when I was working with the folks at "Rescue 911," doing some story research for them, that's when I found an interest in screenwriting. When I got sick of writing stories about real estate agents giving themselves more awards, I started looking for something else to do. I had a couple of good story ideas and went from there.

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