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Industry professionals rave about SU!

Industry professionals rave about SU! "It's like a one stop screenwriters site - everything you need to know about the craft of screenwriting is right at your fingertips." -- Syd Field, Author of SCREENPLAY, THE SCREENWRITER'S PROBLEM SOLVER

"...from the looks of your website, you are a friend to screenwriters. I applaud what you're trying to do. I support it." -- Scott Frank GET SHORTY, OUT OF SIGHT

Ah, Shameless plugs. That is one area where we have not led the pack, but in everything else... well. SU has been the leader in Web screenwriting since 1996: Script sales, reviews, articles, interviews, boards, chat, FAQ, professional writers, and breaking news. As we have led, all the others have followed!

We've won a lot of awards and received tons of support. Here's just a little sample from our Trophy Chest:

For one, we've received the highest mark (along with several others) for screenwriting web sites on Scr(i)pt magazine, Creative Screenwriting and Canadian Screenwriting Magazine have all recognized us, and now we've made the TOP 100 FILM SITES, by FADE IN. magazine. You can see us in book stores everywhere in the current issue of FADE IN.

We're not just a screenwriting site anymore, we're starting to cover filmmaking and Hollywood in general. We're hip to the idea that to be successful on the web you have to keep adapting. We take great pride in being a trendsetter as other web sites follow the example we have set since 1996. But, none of that would be possible without you the visitor. Thank you for your support!

Scr(i)pt Magazine Vol. 3 No. 3, "The Screenwriters Utopia: Wow! Created by Christopher Wehner, this site looks outstanding. Screenwriter's Utopia has it all: helpful tips for getting screenplays produced, script development services, contest information, The Script Shop,book and movie reviews and a ton of interesting articles about current and upcoming movies, writing and other related topics. Perhaps utopia may be reached after all."

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