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Great Final Scenes: FLIGHT "Who are you?"

The final scene of the movie FLIGHT is poignant and symbolic. (Spoiler please see the movie first!) Whip is in prison, serving time for his actions leading up to the crash he was involved in. The scene opens with him in his cell writing in his journal. On the wall in front of him a series of important images that convey for the audience Whip's progress as a human being.  A guard then enters and tells him he has a visitor. Whip stops what he's doing and eagerly goes outside. There waiting for him is his once  estranged son.

Here's excerpts from the script:

Once to the table where he greets his son, they embrace and say hello. Than his son asks him for an interview, a school project. He has to write an essay.

And now the scene as it was filmed:


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