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How to Write a Screenplay... Not!

So how do we write a screenplay? Most logical answer, very carefully.  Alas, it doesn't really matter, any fool can do it.

Maybe we're not asking the right question? Perhaps better is, How do we write a "good"... no "great" screenplay? Well whatever the answer is, I am pretty sure it's not going to be found in the following examples.

Here's what videos you get if you go to and type in "How to Write a Screenplay."

Our first video is from Expert Village, whose advice was " spacing and margins" are the "absolute most important part of your screenplay." There, it's as simple as that. Get those margins right and you have a screenplay. Word.

The next video was from Film Riot  and was titled "Learn to Write Screenplays for Film." It lost me because of the host, who was annoying, but more importantly he was making a short film and wrote a script, however, he had no real advice. Then there was an interview with an instructor from Full Sail University, and he was asked a series of questions.  One worthy note in the interview was the instructor's observation that the Internet is destroying the quality of screenwriting.....?

The very next video is from something called Scriptbully and it was titled "How to Write a Script That Doesn't Suck - Secret to Writing a Screenplay That's Awesome." Ugh. The video started off with an attempt at humor which wasn't bad. The tips or "secrets" were again, low level advice like the secret of "structure." It is as follows, "Your screenplay needs a somebody who must do a something  that they really don't wanna do or else this other something, that's really bad, will happen." There you go, for more:

Finally there was this one, "How to Write a Screenplay in 3 Days - Screenplay Format." How to whip out that script that will sell in just three days... Let's let this one just speak for it self:

There, hope this all doesn't help...

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